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The Green Quest organization promotes simple living concepts for people who care about their local environment and the global impact...

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"Maybe YOU, can change the world..."

We belive in very simple concepts, nothing extreme, nothing complicated.

Our 'grass roots' organization are advocates for "simple living and lifestyles", ...simple recycling, reusing, composting, upcycling materials, using free 'earth energy', and building with recyclable, sustainable materials are some of the few sustainable concepts. 

That's our simple message and advocacy. Thank you for your support...

Education and advocacy

Our goal is to educate and inspire...

eco research

We specialize in eco-green technologies and focus on geothermal greenhouses, and recyclable shipping container technology

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Our publications and designs focus on geo-solar technology, green energy, and recyclable materials and upcycling

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The organization produce eco-green educational materials for consumers, professionals, and also school children

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